One stay may just make you come back, again and again

Taking the horror out of your vacation stories.

Lodgr was born out of the countless horror stories we heard about short-stay rentals…

…and the infinite number of bad reviews these types of lodgings often get. We all know it – no matter what size the provider, bad experiences happen too often, with just about every type of short-stay rental. Plus, the bigger an operation, the bigger the mess-ups can get, and the less responsive the operators seem to become.

Lodgr is not a big operator. We prefer to offer great service, and great lodgings, every time. So we decided to make our product offering very simple:

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Short-term rentals made easy. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

Period. Full stop. Let’s face it, the personal touch is the best kind of touch, and that’s what you’ll get with every Lodgr stay you book.

We picked properties that we know customers will like. We make sure they are perfect upon your arrival. And we don’t hide. You can reach us any time.

That’s what we do.

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